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How we work:

We focus on intelligent timing of the market. We want to be in the market when everything is in our favor and be out of the market when likelihood of success is low.
Our market timing strategies have trade durations of one to multiple weeks. We use only financial instruments which are highly liquid.

Here an example of our TwoTrade strategy:

Two Trades


TwoTrades strategy

S&P500 buy & hold

S&P500 with TwoTrade strategy

On the left side you see the results of being invested in the S&P500 since the year 2000 with buy & hold. On the right side you see how the performance would have been using our TwoTrade strategy, which attempts to avoid downturns in the market. This strategy has been working very well since 1950.

This is just an very simple example to illustrate our approach.

Alpha One

Our Alpha One for Investment advisors consists of multiple strategies which invest in:

S&P 500, Nasdaq-100, Dow Jones
30Y US Treasury Bonds
Gold and Silver

All strategies have a very low correlation to each other. Altogether they do 40 to 50 trades per year.

Here the result of our Alpha One:



Stock Market
US Bonds
Gold and Silver

Equity curve of Alpha One is publicly verified.

Tirutrade provides proven results

On Striker, a leading platform for systematic trading with over 1000 systems, our systems are among the top performers.

Our systems have the names: mSignal, nTrend

These results are based on trades with real money.

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